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Maintenance of cleanness


  We own status of institution of protected work, that gives your firm relief (in case of possible cooperation) in compulsory copy for PFRON - about 10% of the amount of our calculation.

    We deal with complex ordinal attendance of the objects all over a country.
We will execute detailed calculation of costs regarding ordinal attendance after getting from you data concerning internal areas - and possibly external areas, too.

Sprzęt We suggest constant ordinal custody over the object.
Work of our employees is organized so that it does not interfere with normal functioning of the object.
Using our offer you entrust the object to our professional firm, the services will be executable proficiently, professionally and on high level of quality.
Complex ordinal attendance includes:
  • daily clearing of the object;
  • washing of windows and glass surfaces;
  • daily emptying of baskets with garbage;
  • daily washing of every kind of sanitary fix-up and floors, walls expounded with glazing;
  • current deletion of web and dust from walls, ceilings and office equipments; cleaning of lamps, mirrors, latches and phones etc..

  •  Sprzęt Our duties would be all ordinal work mentioned as highly clearing. Besides, we are obliged to supply the object with means to keep clearness and chemistry. In case of difficulty or oppressive work - it executes our trained periodically, skilled men's brigade.

        That regards:

  • laundering of fitted carpet;
  • cleaning and floor's impregnation;
  • washing non-typical windows and on heights;

    and other oppressive work not related with daily ordinal attendance.


    Laundering of fitted carpet with BUZIL - assigned especially for laundering vacuum cleaners. About BUZIL:Praca brygad

  • it does not destroy and decolourize tissue;
  • it does not consist harmful substance;
  • it smells pleasant;
  • it has neutral pH;
  • it is lowly foamy;
  • it includes potting means;
  • it animates colors.

    Correct execution of services of laundering of carpets or fitted carpets requires conducting several procedures by crew of Polers firm:
    - determination of type of fitted carpet, i.e. kind of fiber, kind of dirtiness and looking-ahead of problems that can appear during laundering;
    - removal of furniture and fix-ups off the fitted carpet (if it is possible);
    - drily dusting for removal of unsoluble dirt;
    - deletion of spots, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned during engine laundering;
    - cleaning fitted carpet using one of methods, proper for given fitted carpet;
    - preparation of fitted carpet to dry.
    Odkurzacze piorące



  • it increases intensity of illuminationof accomodation;
  • it extends viability;
  • it retrieves acoustic specificity;
  • it retrieves uninflammable specificity;
  • it corrects picture of accommodation;
  • it saves expenses related with painting, exchange etc..

    Final cleaning work led does not prevent from proficient functioning of accommodation.


    Step I - covering foil of desk, furniture, endowments (outfits)Sufity
    Step II - preliminary cleaning
    Step III - cleaning of the edges of ceiling
    Step IV - depth cleaning
    Step V - rubbing of unporous surfaces
    Step VI - if necessary, cleaning of walls
    Step VII - clearing after completed work

    Sufity Used by us system ICWC deletes:
    - greases,
    - oils,
    - nicotine,
    - dust,
    - smoke, etc. from all surfaces.

    All means used by us are:Sufity
  • untoxic;
  • harmless for health;
  • they undergo biodegradation process;
  • they have received certificates OSHA-PEL
  • they own sanitary testimonies PZH

  • Sufity

    Altitude services

    We deal with altitude services in clearing-repairing sector. We have big experience in work done by using alpinistic techniques.Usługi alpinistyczne

          Our feature is professional taking care of problem, and also: reliability of doing entrusted work, forward completion and competitive prices.
    We act and we realize orders in the area of whole country.

    Usługi alpinistyczne

    Usługi alpinistyczne       We execute different work on high and hard available objects by using alpinistic techniques and other, i.e.:

  • estimate of technical condition, expertise;
  • installment of advertising charts;
  • repair and renovation of gel-concrete constructions;
  • vertical and horizontal isolations of buildings;
  • crunching connections of large-plates;
  • washing and glazing windows in hard available places;
  • installment and disassembling of fix-ups and constractions on heights.

  • PHU Polers A.Kaczmarek S.J. s.-ka i Polers S.J. K.Makowiec i s-ka. nie ponosi żadnej odpowiedzialności za treść i informacje zawarte w niniejszej witrynie oraz za treści i zawartość stron internetowych, do których użytkownicy mogliby zostać przekierowani za pośrednictwem tej witryny. Spółki Polers zastrzegają sobie prawo do wprowadzania wszelkich zmian w treści i zawartości niniejszych stron. Każde bezprawne wykorzystanie zdjęć, materiałów pobranych z tej strony stanowi pogwałcenie praw autorskich i upoważnia spółki Polers do dochodzenia swoich racji, włącznie z drogą sądową.